Lynette was born in Farmington, MO.  We met at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO.  Our first official date was in February 1999 when I asked her to be my date at a Valentine’s Banquet at First Baptist Marshfield, MO in February 1999.  Two weeks later we were engaged and in October we were married all within eight months.  Our journey has led us to live in some of the most exciting places:  Lake of the Ozarks, New Orleans, Florida, the St. Louis area and now Farmington, MO.  Lynette has inspired and encouraged me for many reasons.  First of all, my bride is a wonderful Christian woman.  She is an awesome mother to our three children, has led Women’s Ministries at several of our previous churches, and most importantly takes care of me. LOL.  Seriously, she has been a constant source of encouragement and my ministry assistant.  I am truly grateful for all that she does for the Lord and for her family.

Lynette has been encouraged and inspired by many women in the ministry.  Some of those women include Beth Moore, Debby Berry, Teresa Brady, Nancy Sperrazza, Donna Peavey & Linda Mason.  All of these women, through their teaching, friendship or mentor-ship have helped to shape and mold Lynette into the woman she is today.  But most importantly, Lynette’s mother, Arlene Jackson has been the biggest source of encouragement and first hand knowledge of how to be a minister’s wife.  Arlene has participated and supported her husband, Lynette’s father in ministry for over 40 years. Our most recent move to Farmington, MO, was in response to her mom’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. This has been a very emotional and trying time for Lynette and our family as we are now able to help provide care and also help her father deal with all of the medical decisions and issues.

I would like to personally extend a huge thank you to all of the women who have helped shape and mentor my wife into the godly woman she is today.  I am eternally grateful.  Lynette is the culprit for all of our addiction to Starbucks!

4 Responses to Lynette

  1. The Brady's Blog..Not Home Yet says:

    I had no idea my name was on here! I am humbled beyond belief! I love you all so very much and feel so privileged to have served with you all! One day….maybe again, I pray!
    Love you bigger than the sky!


    • mommyof3blessings says:

      Teresa, just saw this post today!! We LOVE you and Paul SO much!!! You have had a major impact on my life and I am VERY proud to be able to call you mentor, friend and sister in Christ. I LOVE reading your blog posts, they have ministered to me greatly. We would love to serve with you and Paul again someday, if that’s what the Lord has planned!!!

      Love you bigger than the sky too!!


      • The Brady's Blog..Not Home Yet says:

        You are such a blessing. I do hope that someday…that will happen! We are praying earnestly and seeking His will and His ways for that very thing.


  2. adam cruse says:

    Hi Lynette and Isaac. Hope all is going well. You are in a great area of service. My prayer is for God’s blessing upon your family and the ministry in Alton.

    Adam Cruse


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