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PeKLXKwOTLCW8vbayOTSfQWelcome to Hallock Family Ministries. We are so glad you have found your way to our website. This site initially began as a blog for our founder, Isaac Hallock. While he enjoyed blogging, he found that he wasn’t as avid a blogger as your typical blogger today. Hallock Family Ministries ended up taking over the site and utilizing it for many of our ministry services as well as our newly formed HFM Conservatory.

Isaac and Lynette Hallock founded HFM in 2005 shortly after they were displaced from Hurricane Katrina. It was intended to be a way to supplement their income during the immediate aftermath of Katrina. Eventually, Isaac and Lynette found their way to Tallahassee, Florida with their 4 year old in tow. It was during their time in Florida that Hallock Family Ministries was birthed out of a vision that Isaac and Lynette shared for a full family involved ministry that would last generations.

Isaac and Lynette went to several churches and shared a musical presentation, Experiencing God the Musical, as a way to share about their ministry and how God has worked through the Katrina fallout. Since then, HFM has developed into a more broader scope of services for the local church. Now all of our children serve in some aspect of the ministry. Abigail is our eldest and she is wrapping up her junior year in high school. Eli is our only boy and is finishing his 6th grade year. Our Youngest, LilyGrace is finishing up 4th grade. She also suffers from a rare bone disease called Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia/MAS. You can learn more about her journey at #TEAMLILYGRACE on Facebook.

Guest Worship ArtistsĀ – The Hallock family is available to provide ministry to your congregation, business, community group, etc., through music and corporate worship leadership. We have been able to lead worship for Revivals, various Disciple Nows, Nights of Worship, Christmas presentations and non seasonal presentations. We are also available to provide worship leadership if your Worship Pastor/leader is going to be away. Isaac is available for pulpit supply, too. Depending on the event at hand HFM has worked with churches for a love offering and/or set fee. The enumeration is decided ahead of time between the two parties.

Worship Consulting – Isaac has been a clinician and consultant for many music and worship ministries. If you are looking for someone to come and work with your teams one on one or if you are looking to meet with someone who can help you look beyond your present set up, Isaac is here to help. One big issue we see with those we have worked with is the idea that worship is music and music is worship. This is one of the issues Isaac tries to address with many ministries. While much focus in “worship ministries” is given to music and the media we use to worship God, Isaac likes to address the theological concept of worship. He will spend a session with your team members on the importance of personal worship time in order to adequately lead our congregations in times of corporate worship. Everything we do should be done as an act of worship unto the Lord.

Marriage Coaching – The Hallocks have enjoyed working with many couples as marriage coaches. While Lynette has an educational background in psychology and sociology, Isaac has an extensive background in the ministry and pastoral counseling/shepherding. Together, with their almost 20 years experience, they have been able to help couples work through all sorts of troubles in their marriage. Communication issues, financial issues, parenting disagreements, infertility issues, infidelity issues, and even rekindling the romance are all topics that have been addressed through their coaching. We begin and lead all of our marital coaching from a Biblically based view of marriage.

Mentoring and Discipleship – Isaac and Lynette both have enjoyed being able to invest in many relationships within their communities. While Isaac has spent time mentoring and discipling men Lynette has mentored and discipled women. We believe that it is important for every believer to have someone they look up to as a mentor and someone they can mentor. Because of this belief we mentor people of all ages. It is important to be very intentional in all of your relationships and see how you might help them to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

Ministry Consulting – Isaac has had several years of experience in ministry as a Worship Pastor and Senior Pastor. My strongest gifts are in worship, music, and administration. I have dealt with creating and beginning new ministries and helping to transform ministries that have once failed into effective ministries for the kingdom. Isaac will meet with your church or ministry team and help them determine what route is best for them and help them put a plan into place that will help them launch an effective ministry. He has also helped churches with developing budgets for current and new ministries.

Bible Studies – Isaac and Lynette both have enjoyed leading various Bible studies through Hallock Family Ministries. We have offered studies for men, women, teens, children and coed studies. To find out information on upcoming Bible studies, contact us below.




We are located at 109 Walker Drive, Farmington, MO 63640.

To speak to us in person, please call 573.207.4381.