IMG_0015Eli, our middle child, is 12 years old.  He is in the 7th grade.  He loves animals, especially our dogs, Beignet & Ruby Mae.  I believe that he is our in home veterinarian.  He not only wants to love on the animals, he is the disciplinarian for them as well as their personal groomer and doctor.  Eli loves swimming, spending time with his wonderful didi and long walks on the beach. Eli loves playing on his PS4 and is constantly challenging everyone in the family to play against him.

Eli has found an interest in the old Rubiks Cubes. He knows how to solve them and loves showing/telling everyone how its done. Eli loves his PS4 and also enjoys playing the trumpet in the school band. Eli is a great big brother.  He is very protective of LilyGrace and Abbi, too, however Abbi tends to take care of herself.

Eli has been asking us many questions about God.  It is very clear that he loves Jesus very much and likes to talk to him frequently.  He is definitely a boy after God’s own heart.  I pray he keeps that passion for the Lord in his heart forever.  Eli tells us that He has made a profession of faith but is not yet ready to go forward to tell the church.  Please pray for Eli and this decision.  Pray that God will give him courage and strength to be bold for Christ.  Eli is also addicted to Starbucks, McDonald’s AND Gamestop!

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  1. Mom says:

    Don’t let the outfit fool you!!!!!!!


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