Computer Basics 101

Computer Basics 101 is designed to help senior adults learn the most basic skills and functions of computers. Many seniors struggle with opening apps to check their email, finding and opening a word processor to create and save a document, or even locating documents that they have already created but can no longer find on their computer. Some seniors have managed to become somewhat proficient with the above skills but still struggle to know what to do if their shortcut disappears or their task bar changes locations or appearance.

Having worked in customer service for over 24 years and also working with customers within a technologically saturated culture, I have learned that many senior adults would benefit from a computer basics class. This class is a four session class. Each class will be 2 hours in length and will be held once a week for four consecutive weeks. The class will meet at the Hallock Family Ministries Office located at 109 Walker Drive in Farmington, MO.

Topics that would be covered would include, but are not limited to: turning on/off your device, Email basics, creating and saving a document, storage/backup options, social media basics, social media safety (dos/don’ts), online security and online communications (Skype, FaceTime, etc…).

Students must bring their computer with them. Works best if you have a laptop. If you only have a desktop we also offer home tutoring. This is separate from the computer class is also available to anyone.

Schedules & Fees

Computer Basics 101 – $140
Monday Sessions include 4 – 2 hour sessions to be held the same day/time for four consecutive weeks. Tuesday Sessions include 2 – 3 hour sessions and 1 – 2 hour session to be held the same day/time for three consecutive weeks.

To register for the Computer Basics 101 class click the link below.

Computer Basics 101 – Monday Sessions Registration

Computer Basics 101 – Tuesday Sessions Registration

Computer Tutoring Home or Onsite – $40/hour
(tutoring includes traveling to your location – within Farmington City limits – showing the student/client basic operating functions for the computer and help learning more about the computer’s abilities) 

To schedule an tutoring appointment contact Isaac Hallock at 573.207.4381 or fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon.

We do not repair or work on computers. We simply help you better understand your machine and how to operate it.